Hello there everyone! Welcome to MysticRO, currently a new Super High Rate server, we now have dedicated hosting and are uptime is 99%!. Be sure to sign up onto the forums and make sure to run your PATCHER! Enjoy your stay here at MysticRO, we hope you consider us your new home! Bring your friends and we can soon become one of the greatest servers out there~!
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 Donations x2
May13 - Jun13

Donate what ever sum you want but just for one month you get double the ammount! Simply click on the donate button on this page and make sure to post your confirmation # on the donation topic on the forum with your screen name. Then one of my GM's will contact you to get your info. Thank you for your support!
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New Donation Items We now have 3 custom boxes:
Wing Box:
Any custom wing in Game.
Helm Box:
Any custom Helm in Game.
Card Box:
Any custom card in game.

New custom Patcher Skin Made by Kutsuu.Please Click Here To Download

Click Here To See! Thanks to A great MysticRO Player!
Donations Donations Instructions
Dual Class Is back! Fixed May 7,2009
New Client! This Client fixes all the pet errors! Please Download because of May 7,2009 you might get errored out...So download ASAP!


War of Emperium:


(Server Time)

- 19:00 till 20:00 -


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